Past Litters Continued





Pounce - Strathaven Walk Of Fame  

Sire - “Pounce”- Strathaven Walk Of Fame (Tri Rough)

Dam – “Calypso” – Brafferton Sea Nymph (HIC) (Blue Merle Rough)

Whelped 27/303/2017

6 Pups – 1 M; 5 F:

This Litter was named with an ABBA Theme as ABBA being a Swedish Band and their being quite a bit of Swedish Blood lines in the pedigree. Each pup was named after an ABBA Song.


“Sia” (was Danca as pup) – Brafferton Dancing Queen – (Tri Rough F) owned by Irma Crews and living in South Australia

“Isla” (was Honey as pup) – Brafferton Honey Honey – (Tri Rough F) owned by Chris and Jen Maltby (Vic)

“Kiss” – Brafferton Kisses Of Fire – (Blue Merle F) - owned by Corine Pepping (Vic)

“Nina” – Brafferton Nina Prettybalerina – (Blue Merle F) - owned by Ric Brown and family (Vic)

“Dream” – Brafferton I Have A Dream – (Blue Merle F) - owned by us at Brafferton and staying here with us as well. (Vic)

“Yogi” (was Chance as pup) – Brafferton Take A Chance On Me (Blue Merle M) - syndicated (Co-owned) with us at Brafferton being Noel and Vicki Brown along with Janet Murray.  “Yogi” lives with Janet. (Vic)

Litter 5 – Will be in the future.


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