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Pounce - Strathaven Walk Of Fame  

Sire - “Pounce”- Strathaven Walk Of Fame (Tri Rough)

Dam – “Calypso” – Brafferton Sea Nymph TD (HIC) (Blue Merle Rough)

Whelped 27/03/2017

6 Pups – 1 M; 5 F:

This Litter was named with an ABBA Theme as ABBA being a Swedish Band and their being quite a bit of Swedish Blood lines in the pedigree. Each pup was named after an ABBA Song.


“Sia” (was Danca as pup) – Brafferton Dancing Queen – (Tri Rough F) owned by Irma Crews and living in South Australia.

Lure Coursing - JC (Junior Courser) Title - 08/09/2018

Battle of the States - Australain 100 meter Sprint Competition - This is not a title but a fun competition held annually for the fastest of each breed in Australia. 2018 Fastest Collie in Rough and Smooth time done in 8.9 seconds. (This made Sia first Collie in Australia to achieve this. 2019 Fastest but only collie entered time done in 8.84 sexonds.


“Isla” (was Honey as pup) – Brafferton Honey Honey – (Tri Rough F) owned by Chris and Jen Maltby (Vic)


“Kiss” – Brafferton Kisses Of Fire (HIC) – (Blue Merle F) - owned by Corine Pepping (Vic)

Herding - Herding Instinct Certificate - 17/11/2018


“Nina” – Brafferton Nina Prettybalerina – (Blue Merle F) - owned by Ric Brown and family (Vic)


“Dream” – Brafferton I Have A Dream TDX – (Blue Merle F) - owned by us at Brafferton and staying here with us as well. (Vic)

Tracking - TD (Tracking Dog) Title - 24/08/2018: TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) Title - 15/07/2019:


“Yogi” (was Chance as pup) – Brafferton Take A Chance On Me (Blue Merle M) - syndicated (Co-owned) with us at Brafferton being Noel and Vicki Brown along with Janet Murray.  “Yogi” lives with Janet. (Vic)





Sire - “Swayze”- Ch Cheltary Dirty Dancer (Sable Rough)

Dam – “Ava” – Ch Brafferton Winter Bird TDX (HIC) (Tri Smooth)

Whelped 02/02/2018

1 female Smooth Pup

This Litter was named with a Time Theme as the Sire "Swayze" carries some of the old Australian lines up close. Bringing the past forward a bit.


“Cleo” (was Thyme as pup) – Brafferton Its About Time – (Tri Smooth F) owned by Coral Moffat and living in New South Wales.





Sire - “Shadow”- T CH TS GRAND CH Brafferton Followed Bya Shadow RN HSAs (Tri Rough)

Dam – “Calypso” – Brafferton Sea Nymph TD (HIC) (Blue Merle Rough)

Whelped 27/03/2019

6 Pups – 3 M; 3 F:

This Litter was named with an Sea/Nautical Theme.


“Orion/Ori” (was Gilligan as a pup) – Brafferton First Mate – (Tri  M) - owned by Jalyn Neysmith and Andrew Hodge. Ori shifted with his family from NSW to New Zealand.


“Skipper” – Brafferton Sea Captain – (Tri M) - owned by William and Norma Wilkie (Vic)


“Denzel” (was Wheela as a pup) – Brafferton Nautical Wheeler – (Tri M) - owned by Liam Martin and Prudence Weeks (SA)


“Inka” – Brafferton Incan Sea Treasure – (Blue Merle F) - owned by Eva Gregoczki (SA)


“Bella” (was Celeste as a pup)  – Brafferton Star Navigator – (Tri F) - owned by Janice Osborne (Vic)


“Nix” – Brafferton Sea Sprite – (Tri F) - owned by us at Brafferton (Vic)




Sire - “Swayze”- Ch Cheltary Dirty Dancer (Sable Rough)

Dam – “Angel” – T Ch TS Ch Brafferton Heaven Scent RN (Tri Rough)

Whelped 02/04/2019

1 Male Sable Rough Pup

This pup is named for the Dragon in Orions Nebula.


“Dragon” – Brafferton Orions Dragon – (Sable M) - owned by us at Brafferton (Vic)


LITTER 8 is for the future.



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