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When making puppy enquiries, please advise what state and town in Australia you are from.

Also a bit about your family circumstances, whether children or older people are to be considered.  Are there other pets?  Does your house have a big enough yard for a medium to big dog as puppy will grow to this size?  Is your house securely fenced?  Are there people home with puppy?  Where will it be housed? Do you want the puppy for a family pet or perhaps to do some dog sports or show with?  Do you want a certain colour and a male or a female?  

By giving a bit about yourself and what you are wanting  helps breeders help you with what you are looking for.

Please Do Not just send messages stating "Do you have a puppy and how much"

Also please be aware you may have to go on waiting lists from the breeders you contact.

Thank you.


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