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"Inka" lives with Eva and Ben, along with her Cousin Rocky and friend Koda (Finnish Lapphund) in South Australia. She enjoys country and beach walks and outings.

"Inka" has commenced her Obedience Training, graduated Puppy Kinder and has moved on to graduate other up through the other level classes at her Club.

Obedience - Inka made her debut into Obedience gaining her first Qualification in CCD in SA where she lives on the 11/4/2021. On the 15/05/21 Inka gained her second qualification in CCD. Final pass and CCD Title gained on 19/06/2021:

Tracking - Passed her Tracking Test 1 on 02/07/2022: Test 2 passed on 24/06/2023: Test 3 and TD (Tracking Dog) Title gained on 15/07/2023

Nose Scent Work - Inka has now commenced this and gained her Exterior Search Pass and her Vehicle Search Pass on the 22/7/2023. She has now also gained her Container search pass on the 6/9/2023: 2nd Novice Exterior Search pass on 07/09/2023: Novice Interior search pass on 26/9/2023 (this is now 5th of the 6 needed for her Novice Title): On the 7/10/2023 In Victoria, Inka passed 3/3 searches at the Dogs Vic Scent Work Trial in Gippsland to gain her SWN Title (Dogs SA Paper work Pending) as well as being awarded the Rosette from the Collie Club Of Victoria for highest achieving Collie.

In July 2020, Inka achieved her NTD - Novice Trick Dog Titles. In August 2020 she achieved her ITD - Intermediate Trick Title as well as her ATD - Advance Trick Title. This was achieved through "Do More With Your Dog" which is an online course and can be done at home. This Title is not recognized by ANKC in Australia but it is a recognized Title by the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs. As this is not a recognized ANKC Title it is in Brackets behind her name e.g. (NTD). I put all not recognized Titles in brackets.

Tricks (ANKC) - On the 12/9/2020 Inka passed the final leg of her TK.S to gain her TK.S (Trick Dog Starter) Title,

Rally - Inka gained her RN (Rally Novice) Title on the 4/10/2020: Inka gained her RA (Rally Advance) Title on 09/05/2021: Inka gained her RE (Rally Excellent) Title on 18/09/2021: RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) Title 29/05/2022: On the 17/6//2023 Inka gained her first pass of 7, with score of 85 or more needed, for her RM Title.

Lure Coursing - Inka gained her 1st pass towards her JC (Junior Courser) in Lure Coursing on 01/08/2021 & her 2nd qualification on 29/08/2021 thus gaining her JC (Lure Courser) Title: Inka passed her first run of 8 needed for the CA (Coursing Ability) Title on 26/09/2021: 2nd pass gained on 19/06/2022: 3rd pass gained on 15/08/2022: 4th pass gained on 18/09/2022: 5th pass gained on 30/10/2022: 6th pass gained on 16/04/2023: 7th pass gained on 18/06/2023 thus gaining her CA (Coursing ability). Inka passed her first run of 8 needed for the CAA (Coursing Ability Advance) Title on 13/8/2023: 2nd pass and 3rd place of 8 needed for the CAA: 3rd pass of 8 needed for the CAA:

Battle Of The States - Australian 100 metre sprint competition - Inka was entered in the annual fun (Not a Title) in 2021. Inka came in 2nd to her cousin Rocky in the the Collies Roughs (no smooths entered this year) with an impressive sprint of 8.41 second time. Her half sister who has since retired in 2019 won the Back to Back wins 2018 & 2019. No collies or comp in 2020 was held. In 2022, Inka came in 1st in the Collies Roughs with a 100 metre sprint done in just 8.82 seconds. This year there were 4 Collies Roughs entered, Inka plus 2 in this section. 1 smooth in the Smooth section. Rocky being one of the 3 is Veterans this year. He came in 1st in Veterans (only one) and would of come in 2nd to Inka had he run with the other Roughs. No Brafferton Collies in Australia entered in 2023.

Hips and Elbows scored by Lavelle's
Hips 1/1 = 2 (This is equivalent to FCI A-1)
Elbows 0/0 = 0

Inka is certainly enjoying life and all it brings. Thank you Eva for all the experiences you are giving her.

Breed : Collie (Rough) Bred by : Brafferton Kennels [Vicki & Noel Brown]
Sex : Bitch Owned by : Eva Drage
Date of Birth : 27-Mar-19 Handled by : Eva Drage
Call Name : Inka Available for stud : N/A
Sire : TCH TS GRAND CH Brafferton Followed Bya Shadow RN HSAs [NTD] (Rough) S: DUAL CH (T) Vimtar Thunder Lord TSDX HT (Rough) S: CH Leanor Midnight Meteor (Rough)
D: CH Brentland Blue Rose (Rough)
D: CH Foxbell Miss Finland (Smooth) S: CH Bell Pepper's Gate Keeper (IMP Finland) (Smooth)
D: Foxbell Hot N Firery (Rough)
Dam : Brafferton Sea Nymph TD (HIC) (Rough) S: CH Kirrieloch Time Lord (Rough) S: CH Brentland Black Watch (Rough)
D: CH. Brentland Blue Rose (Rough)
D: Brafferton Path Finder (HIC) (Rough) S: DUAL CH (T) Vimtar Thunder Lord TSDX HT (Rough)
D: CH Foxbell Miss Finland (Smooth)


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