T CH Brafferton Orions Dragon TSD


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Our first Sable in a number of years. "Dragon" will be an important boy in the future of Brafferton.

He has made his debut into showing in 2019 and at his first show weekend consisting of 3 shows over the weekend in Nov 2019 he gained 3 Puppy of Breeds, Runner Up Best of Breed and a Dog Challenge. Dragon was not shown again until the Collie Club of Victoria Open and Champ shows held on 26/06/2022. In Open Show he was 1st dog in Aust Bred, Best Coloured Sable and Best Headed.
2023 now sees Dragon back into doing the odd shows here and there. At the Collie Club Of Vic (CCV) Show in 2023 Dragon was awarded Best Coloured Sable in the Show Property Class.

As 2020 was a none event here in Victoria for showing and Trialling Dragon commenced his Tracking Training for the future.

Tracking - TD (Tracking Dog) Title gained on 11/07/2021: TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) Title gained on 12/08/2022 T CH (Tracking Champion) Title gained on 28/08/2022:
Track and Search trialling now commenced with a Test 1 pass on 24/09/2022: Test 2 passed on 22/04/2023: Test 3 and TSD Title gained 03/09/2023: Test 4 passed on 15/09/2023: Test 5 passed 30/09/2023:

On the 07/02/2021 Dragon became the Sire of his first litter from our Tri Smooth Collie girl, Dual CH (T) Brafferton Winter Bird (HIC). The litter consists of 10 puppies being both Roughs and Smooths. The breakdown is as follows - 2 Tri Smooth Males, 2 Tri Rough Males, 1 Sable Smooth Male, 2 Sable Smooth Females and 3 Sable Rough Females.
As he is now a proven sire he will be available for Stud to approved bitches only.
On 28/9/2021 his 2nd litter was born consisting of 3 pups - 2 F being 1 Sable an i Tr and 1 Sable Male

Ophthalmology - Clear;
Congenital (present at Birth)
(CEA) Collie Eye Anomaly - Unaffected
(CHC) Congenital Hereditary Cataract - Unaffected
Non-Congenital (Appears later in life)
(GPRA) General Progressive Retinal Atrophy - Unaffected
(HC) Hereditary cataract - Unaffected

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia - Negative/Clear [No variant Detected]
Degenerative Myelopathy - Carrier [One copy of variant Detected]
Ivermectin Sensitivity MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance) - (Carrier) Positive Heterozygous [One copy of the Dominant Variant Detected]
Grey Collie Syndrome (Cyclic Hematopoiesis) AP3 - Negative/Clear [No variant detected]
Von Willebrand's Disease Type 11 (Research Only) Negative/Clear [No variant Detected]
Juvenile Dermatomyositis - Carrier (One Copy of variant detected)

Hip & Elbows Scored by Lavelle's.
Hip Score - 1/1 =2 (This is equivalent to FCI A-1)
Elbows - 0/0

Breed : Collie (Rough) Bred by : Brafferton Kennels [Vicki & Noel Brown]
Sex : Dog Owned by : Brafferton Kennels [Vicki & Noel Brown]
Date of Birth : 2-Apr-19 Handled by : Noel & Vicki Brown
Call Name : Dragon Available for stud : Yes. (to approved bitches)
Sire : CH Cheltary Dirty Dancer (Rough) S: Mavmon Country Rhythm (Rough) S: CH Glenallen Gay Henry Ford (Rough)
D: Mavmon Tiffany (Rough)
D: Cheltary Sugar N Spice (Rough) S: CH Mavmon Ebonite Edition (Rough)
D: Mavmon April Showers (Rough)
Dam : TCH TS CH Brafferton Heaven Scent RN (Rough) S: DUAL CH (T) Vimtar Thunder Lord TSDX HT (Rough) S: CH Leanor Midnight Meteor (Rough)
D: CH Brentland Blue Rose (Rough)
D: CH Foxbell Miss Finland (Smooth) S: CH Bell Pepper's Gate Keeper (Imp FIN)(Smooth)
D: Foxbell Hot N Firery (Rough)


  • 30-Apr-23  Res Dog CC
    Colac Kennel Club Inc (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 29-Apr-23  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Aust Bred in Group
    Colac Ladies Kennel Club Inc (PM Show) (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 22-Jan-23  Res Dog CC, Open of Breed
    Bass Valley Kennel Club Inc (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 15-Jan-23  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Open of Breed
    Lady Bay Kennel Club (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 14-Jan-23  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Open of Breed
    Warrnambool & District Kennel & Obedience Dog Club Inc (AM Show) (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 14-Jan-23  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Open of Breed
    Lady Bay Kennel Club (PM Show) (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 26-Jun-22  Aust Bred Dog
    Collie Club of Victoria Inc (VIC) (Open Show)
  • 17-Nov-19  Puppy of Breed
    Portland & District Kennel Club Inc (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 16-Nov-19  R/Up Best of Breed, Dog CC, Puppy of Breed
    Portland & District Kennel Club Inc (AM SHOW) (VIC) (Champ Show)
  • 16-Nov-19  Puppy of Breed
    Portland & District Kennel Club Inc (PM SHOW) (VIC) (Champ Show)

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